To authorize businesses and individuals by providing exceptional services and innovative solutions that foster growth and success. We are committed to creating value for our clients, partners and communities through our comprehensive and expanded business portfolio.

KIG Group of Companies

Welcome to KIG, where innovation meets excellence. Established in India, we have expanded our footprint across Nepal, the United Kingdom, Poland, and the UAE. As a firm with a diverse portfolio, we are dedicated to driving success across multiple industries, including IT solutions, real estate, forex trading, migration services, tourism, education, food services, investments, event management, and more.

Our Subsidiaries

Investment & Real Estate
Maximize your wealth with SEA sight Realtor’s finest real estate investments and cutting-edge forex trading.
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Migration & Settlement
Make your move stress-free with personalized migration assistance, payroll management, and HR services.
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Information Technology
Our IT services harness the latest technology, providing custom solutions to boost your business efficiency and growth.
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education services
Empowering dreams through education. Your trusted partner in achieving global academic success.
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Our Global Presence

Global Presence

KIG Group proudly operates on an international scale with a strong presence in India, Nepal, United Kingdom, Poland and the UAE.

This global network enables us to tap into diverse market opportunities, providing our clients with excellent services and solutions across continents. We take pride in our ability to adapt to different cultures and market demands, ensuring our success and the success of our clients in various regions. Our international presence is evidence to our commitment to growth, innovation and excellence in all our business activities.

Our Creative Team

Kigx Group of Comapy ceo
Santhiago Rickson
Anish Ghimire
Suman Ranabhat
Bipin Dhakal
Creative Head

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